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Drilling Supplies

Super Gel-X High Yield Bentonite
Super Gel-X is an easy mixing, high viscosity 200 bbl. yield freshwater drilling fluid produced from the highest grade Wyoming sodium bentonite. Super Gel-X may be used for all types of freshwater mud rotary drilling.

• Highly concentrated for maximum yield
• Mixes quickly and easily
• Reduces solids and increases lifting power
• Removes cuttings
• Cools and lubricates bit
• Sabalizes boreholes
• Helps prevent loss of circulation

Insta-Vis Liquid Polymer Additive

Insta-Vis is a multifunctional, nonfermenting, liquid polymer designed for rapid field mixing and viscosity development. This versatile polymer is designed for use as a drilling fluid additive for improved viscosity, fluid loss control, bit lubrication and shale inhibition. Insta-Vis is also suitable for the construction of slurry walls in fresh or saline water.

• Versatile, fulfills many functions
• Mixes easily and quickly
• Rapid viscosity development
• Forms a tight, thin filter cake in unstable formations
• Maintains borehole integrity in both horizontally and vertically drilled holes
• Can be mixed with Versa foam to produce a stiff foam  

Drill-Terge Drilling Detergent/Wetting Agent

Drill-Terge is a blended aqueous solution of nonionic surfactants. Drill-Terge is a surface active additive that will increase detergency and wetting properties of drilling fluids. It will also effectively control the interfacial tension, aggegation and dispersion of clay solids through absorbtion and film forming action on the surface area of these solids.

• Effective in stabalizing and inhibiting the hydration and dispersion of bentonite shales. This allows the mud to tolerate higher that normal concentrations of mud-making solids without causing great variations in the rheology.
• Adds further stability to the clay aggregates formed in drilling fluids pretreated with electrolytes, thereby minimizing their dispersion into the mud system.
• Will reduce torque and drag to improve the temperature stability of the flow properties, thus reducing bit bailing.
• Drill-Terge is nonflammable and safe to use.
• Designed to perform well in freshwater, saltwater or hard-water conditions.

PureGold® Lube
Drilling Compound
PureGold® Lube is an environmetally safe premium grade lubricant, free of petroleum hydrocarbons and metals. PureGold Lube is a tool joint lubricant designed for use in environmental drilling. PureGold Lube is used to lubricate threads on drill rod stems, auger bolts and sampling devices. It will help prevent seizing and reduce thread wear. PureGold Lube may also be used to lubricate other tools and instuments used in environmentally sensitive applications.

• Chemically stable
• Washout-resistant
• Provides maximum protection to the drill string
• Remains workable in cold temperatures
• Reduces friction and helps prevent seizing
• Reduces thread wear
• Easily removed during decontamination
• Maintains sample integrity

Orange Safety Fence

Tenax Guardian Orange 4 foot X 100 foot

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